What a self-hypnosis induction feels like

You start by bringing your attention into the present moment. You let go of other thoughts and feelings, as you tune in to what your senses tell you.

There’s something in the environment catching your attention. You notice it, before letting your attention go.

Here’s your body – feeling however it feels, except now you’re paying attention to it. You simply breathe as you feel everything relax and go softer.

And you focus inward.

It might remind you of meditation – if you’re good at meditation, that is. But it also feels easier, simpler. You’re not having to do anything special with your mind. All you need to do is what comes naturally, only guided towards an inwardly focused trance experience.

As with your body, now with your mind.

You notice what’s going on inside your own thinking. And, as usual, you notice something intriguing. How can you be intrigued by your own thinking – aren’t you the one thinking it?

In a way, that’s true.

And yet…

You notice something in your mind that you didn’t notice before. Maybe it just popped into your mind, though. Maybe you’re creating it and thinking you’re discovering it.

It’s possible.


This new experience seems familiar. It’s kind of like suddenly noticing a song that’s been stuck in your head all day. It’s the first time you notice it… so what was thinking about it when you weren’t? It’s like that, only with an emotion.

Probably something too wriggly to label.

The normal words don’t do it justice. It might be a calmness, yes. Maybe anticipation. Perhaps that particular kind of joy that only comes round during spring or autumn.

Or maybe it’s less pleasant.

Either way, you can study the experience from afar. You’re curious about it, not invested in it changing any particularly way. Even so, it begins to change for the better.

That’s when you realise you feel something familiar.

You’re in a trance.

And now the real fun can begin.

This was an accurate description of what happened to me. I entered a trance with a keyboard in front of me, allowing me to capture it for you.

Which means you can do this yourself when you have me as your teacher.

Here’s how you begin:


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