Avoid the self-improvement conundrum

Let me make a prediction here:

You are hungry to improve, to become a better person.

But you struggle with it.

You bounce from program to program, sometimes spending a lot but rarely seeing the results you deserve.

It’s our greatest conundrum – how do we improve?

You know you want to change your life, but how?

Is this book the answer?

Is that seminar?

You could spend a lot of effort chasing your tail.

Or worse, doing nothing as the option paralysis gets to you.

My solution to this real and frustrating problem?

In a word: quantity and quality.

When you’re stuck, you don’t want to listen to one friend’s opinion. Even if it was great for them, it might not be the right fit for you. The best way to figure out what’s right for you is through lots of ideas and experimentation.

Why sink precious time and money into something that might not be what you need?

Find what’ll satisfy the craving… then dive deeper.

That’s why I wrote this book, and why I’m promoting it now – because I think we could all use a little something extra. Something to take the edge of, to inject a little more fun and to fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

Reading this won’t get you all the way there, but it’s an excellent first step:


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