Self-improvement is like lightning

Self-improvement is a process – a release of tremendous levels of power and potential.

It’s dramatic, captivating and beautiful to behold. There are few things as mesmerising.

It explodes out of nowhere. Sure, there are some clues beforehand. Dark skies, a few rumbles. Even so, it catches you by surprise.

Folk say lightning never strikes the same place twice. But it does, all the time – otherwise lightning rods wouldn’t work. In fact, lightning always strikes the same place more than once – each bolt is a series of strikes, one following the next.

Self-improvement is the same. People think it’s a one-off thing. Do the course, change the mindset, buy the gym membership, release your inner demons. But it’s not. There’s always repetition.

It’s as dangerous as it is powerful.

It takes luck and skill to harness.

All the energy can disperse in a moment or permanently mark the face of the earth.

But there’s a key difference between self-improvement and lightning:

Self-improvement is slow.

It takes months to even get started and decades to see it through.

That’s why you want a program that’s a slow burn. One you can take at your own pace but, even if you rush it, will take months.

And it’d be foolish to rush this, as it lays the foundation for everything else coming your way.

Hasty foundations make for wobbly buildings.

For some of you, this is a deal breaker. You want results now.

Good luck, pendo. This isn’t what you’re looking for.

For everyone else who knows growth demands patience and discipline:

I have the perfect link for you.

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