Puppy school secrets for self-improvement and motivation for success

The way some folk approach self-improvement is… well, bizarre.

Let’s say you want to get in shape. You know the best way is to eat better and exercise more.

So what do you do?

Your tell yourself what to do.

“Skip dessert tonight.”

“Wake up early and exercise.”

And then you’re shocked to find it didn’t work…

Or maybe it works for a while, then it all comes apart on you.

Even if you “feel motivated”. Because it takes more than self-improvement and motivation for success.

It’s like walking up to an untrained puppy, saying “roll over” and expecting them to budge.

It ain’t happening because you ain’t speaking the dog’s language.

That’s how you should think about self-improvement – like the part of you responsible for your habits is an untrained animal.

Something separate from yourself.

And something that’s your responsibility to train.

You can’t be “reasonable” with it because it doesn’t know what you mean by that.

You can’t be cruel either – not if you want real results.

What does it take? Maybe patience, maybe compassion…

And above all, it takes a plan.

Try to train a puppy or your own habits by winging it… well, good luck to you. You’ll praise and punish randomly, leading to random behaviour.

If you want a dog that rolls over on command…

Or a mind with better habits than it has now…

Then it takes intelligent work on your part.

Fortunately, the smarter you apply yourself, the easier it becomes. And the smartest ways lie in Three-Score Navike, which overflows with 60 simple ways to sharpen your mind.

Any other approach keeps you where you are, wondering where the puddles on the carpet keep coming from.

If you’ve had enough of that, check this out:


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