The selfish, manipulative reasons why I don’t sell adspace

The selfish, manipulative reasons why I don’t sell adspace

Whenever I log into WordPress, I see a shiny, glistening button labelled ‘Earn’. Earning is good – the more money my site brings in, the more I can focus on creating new content for it.

But it’s WordPress. It’s not like the earn button is going to ask me to do odd jobs or whatever. Like they have a yard that needs sweeping or something.

No, you earn money by running ads on your site.

Darn. That’s tempting and all, but I’m not about to run ads on Guided Thought.

I could say because I don’t want people selling to you and manipulating you. It’s even true. But let me put on my best parental persona and tell you how it is.

I don’t want you spending time with those other ads. Those are rotten, mean ads who will only hurt you. I’m only looking out for you because I want you to be happy and safe.

So forget all about that and pay attention.

Don’t hang out with those ads.

I want to be the only one you allow to sell to you and manipulate you.

Like a parent manipulating their child into avoiding danger. Into eating their vegetables. Into putting in some study time instead off goofing around.

You’re capable of great things – much more than even everything you’ve been doing. I don’t want to sell adspace because I don’t know who among them you can trust.

Me, I’m in this business to help people. There are easier ways to make money than creating and selling mind training programs. Especially when I give so much away as pay-what-you-want.

The better you become as a person, the better off I am – emotionally and financially.

Not every product or service out there is this altruistic. That’s true in mind training and it’s especially true if you think about all the people selling stuff you don’t need.

In fact, you and I know some of them are just out to scam you.

Or trick you into thinking you need something you don’t.

How do you know I’m not the same?

It’s a good question – one you should always ask yourself.

And my answer is, like I say, my content is available at whatever cost you want. You’re free to try it out and see what you think. Then you can pay whatever you think it’s worth.

That’s 100% of the risk on me.

I set it up this way because I was sick of ‘hiding’ so much awesome content away. I want to do as much good as I can in the world – even for people who can’t afford much.

So you can begin to change your life from the inside. When your thoughts change, so does everything else.

Maybe not straight away.

But what separates successful people from others is not what they have or know, but how they think.

I know plenty of losers who would disagree. They’d blame their parents, society, the government, big business, the media, the people who won’t give them a chance…

Meanwhile, they’ve forgotten the only lesson you need: you can change, you can take control and you can make the most of what you have.

All you need are the right mental resources, and those come from the right state of mind.

Create your state of mind – with zero risk and upfront cost – here:

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