My semi-secret stash of free hypnosis downloads

If you trawl through my old archives, you’ll see a link popping up fairly often.

It’s not something I link to anymore.

Not even from the menu at the top of my site.

The page is still there, though. It’s not password protected or hidden from search engines. You’re just less likely to find it while casually browsing.


Well, because I have plans to do something with it one day.

In the meantime…?

Anyone who wants to follow the link, can.

And perhaps they should. On the other side of the link is a large library of hypnosis audios. I used to charge a subscription to access them – plus a ton of extra content.

It was excellent value, but I chose to do away with it – mostly to free up my time to focus on things like Monster Mind Edukaré. Now that’s done, maybe I’ll tinker with and reintroduce a subscription model – though it’ll look different to what I used to offer.

Anyway, that’s not relevant to you right now.

Here’s what is:

I have 48 hypnosis audios on my site, ready to be plucked from cyberspace.

They won’t cost you anything.

I won’t even ask for your email address to access it.

Simply head to this page and download them.

If you’re feeling generous (and you can spare it), there’s a PayPal donation button at the bottom. Otherwise, simply enjoy.

You can find this treasure-trove of content right here:

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