A shameless sales pitch for Monster Mind Edukaré

My premium product, Monster Mind Edukaré, has 19 modules to it. So far, at least. I have plans to add extra modules in the future.

That’s why the best time to buy it is now. Anyone who buys Edukaré receives all future updates at no extra cost.

But if you wait?

Well, since the value is going up, it’s only reasonable the price will too.

But enough of that. Instead of scrutinising the future, let’s look at what you can enjoy right now. Each module has a lot of meat to it – even if you only got one thing out of each, you’d still learn:

  1. How to make following this program a habit, so you easily stick with it,
  2. Secrets to bypassing your limiting beliefs – that voice in your head that says you’re not good enough,
  3. Guaranteed ways to become smarter and happier every day,
  4. How to meditate, even if you’re “too left-brained”,
  5. Instant confidence by “Pavlovian” training of your nervous system,
  6. What a deep hypnotic trance feels like,
  7. Why the world is hypnotising you every day – and how you can use that to your advantage,
  8. The easiest way to quit smoking by breaking the chemical and psychological habits,
  9. Simple meditation techniques anyone can do – each used by the top leaders of their fields,
  10. How to sleep deeper than ever by training your unconscious mind,
  11. Ways to stay on track with your learning, even as your brain changes from the inside out,
  12. A basic and reliable way to eliminate any problem,
  13. How to have more time each day – and, no, I don’t mean saving time through productivity hacks, I mean actually have more time,
  14. The way your brain learns best and how to use it to master anything,
  15. Strange and bizarre meditation techniques that work for almost anyone,
  16. Ways to hypnotise yourself and enter a trance in seconds,
  17. What the deepest form of meditation feels like – normally only possible after decades of intense training,
  18. How to ‘step into the skin’ of anyone you’d like to,
  19. How to keep the mind training journey going, long after you finish this program.


That’s a lot of typing. Before I break my keyboard, I’m going to leave it there and simply share the link. If you want to gain these benefits, and a whole lot more besides, then keep reading:


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