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Expanding your consciousness is a fascinating experience. It’s worth it; anyone will tell you that. But the path to enlightenment – whatever that means and however you do it – has its own unique issues. Whether you use hypnosis, private meditation, silent retreats or other approaches, there are things that other people don’t get.

Everyone’s mind expands. Sometimes it’s the steady accumulation of wisdom. Other times it’s from a hardware boost. I still remember (or at least I think I do) how much better my mind worked after a puberty-fuelled growth spurt. It was like suddenly becoming a genius.

But most people don’t notice these or the experiences are muddied. I think when the improvements are spontaneous, it’s hard to appreciate. When you work hard to train your mind, though, you catch any benefit you create.

Many people transform their conscious experience. When we describe it, we use metaphors (because our language doesn’t capture it very well). We say things like we’re seeing for the first time or a veil has lifted. This kind of, but not really, conveys what we mean.

It’s becoming consciously aware of unconscious process. It’s experiencing things that were buried or automatic. Imagine discovering as an adult that you have a third arm. It’s like that for the mind.

And it is incredible. Difficulties no longer bother you as much. Tedious distractions like television lose their appeal. You’re filled with hope, optimism and purpose.

You want to shout from the rooftops. Look at who I am now! Look at what I’ve achieved! Witness my shiny new thoughts and revel in their glory!

To which people reply: “uh huh. That’s nice.”

The greatest epiphany in your life receives a tepid reception. And I don’t blame them. It’s your epiphany – how could they possibly relate? When all the pieces came together and your brain rewired itself… when your mind opened and reached to taste new mental landscapes… how can they know what that’s like?

Even fellow people on the path to enlightenment can’t understand. We know the sensation of the world rushing into our minds, but every experience is different. If you try to explain the transformation you went through, it sounds obvious and generic. Even when we know it’s not, it sounds that way. Because to us, with our different minds, the epiphany doesn’t fit.

This is how those common pseudo-wise sayings survive. Take something like “you can’t find love until you learn to love yourself”. Some people hear that and it changes them. Others hear that and scoff. As far as advice goes, it’s not great.

And some of these hear it again, and scoff. And they hear it again, same reaction. Then, when the stars align and they happen to be in the right state of mind, they hear it and… fireworks.

All of a sudden, they get it. Really, truly get it. The realisation comes with a shift of physical sensations. It sounded trite but its wisdom runs deep. It changes the way they see themselves. The simple phrase, so often ignored, changes their life forever.

Expanding your consciousness is like that, only on steroids. Consciousness is the lens through which you see reality. Transforming that changes everything. Accessing unconscious material directly is like having superpowers compared to your old self.

But as amazing as it feels and as transformative as it is, you can’t explain it to people. Words don’t cut it.

So, what do you do?

When you expand your consciousness, you expand your abilities. Your senses may grow sharper. Your memory might improve. Some people suddenly become geniuses at reading people or visualising things. Your creativity, productivity and tranquillity might all quadruple at the same time.

Or maybe you heal yourself. You could block pain, overcome disease and dispel old emotions.

This is what matters. This is why you expand your mind in the first place. As amazing as it feels (and it truly does feel great), that’s not the point. You do it to become a better person. A more real person.

That is what you demonstrate – not your shiny new thoughts but your amazing new superpowers. Talk about how you can lucid dream while awake, enjoy your morning commute and be even more humble than you were before. Leave your cubicle farm to feed starving children. Banish your fear of cows and unleash your ambitions.

If your mind expands but you don’t think you have any new abilities, then I have fantastic news for you. Either the process is still going or you haven’t noticed the full benefits. You can do more – that’s how this works. Test yourself. Explore yourself. Your brain restructured its connections… and you can tell that it’s for the better. You aren’t at the same level and you cannot ever go back.

Enjoy your new perspective. Flaunt it. Be proof and inspiration to others that these things work. Take the light that’s shining in your mind and shine it into the world.

Big claims require big proof. So let your life be that proof. It’s one of the greatest things you can do.

And if you struggle to find your new abilities, find a teacher to guide you. It helps having someone who can steer you away from the common traps and unleash your potential quicker. A coach is great. Failing that, there’re always books.

Books like Unlock the Vault. This eBook covers everything a novice or expert needs to expand their mind through self-hypnosis. A more powerful consciousness – what could be a better investment than that?

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