Create a Shrine for your Magicless Rituals

The unconscious mind loves rituals. It adores them. On some level, it believes they’re real.

Because, on some level, they are.

I don’t mean you can sacrifice a goat to bring the rains. I do mean you can create certain results by repeating certain actions. If you create a ritual that gives you superhuman confidence, then it’ll work eventually – by pure repetition, anchoring and placebo.

But the rules of not-magic don’t stop there.

Alongside magic spells is the notion of sacred spaces.

Whether or not locations can literally be sacred doesn’t matter. If you act as though they are, you’ll start to respond as if they are.

Which means you can create a shrine – an inner sanctum – inside your own home.

Did I say ‘can’? That could just as easily read ‘should’.

One of the classic meditation tips, especially for beginners and folk who struggle with it, is to create a dedicated space for it. Always meditate in the same spot and don’t do anything else there. Eventually, you’ll associate the two so strongly that sitting there will put you in a trance.

That’s psychology, not magic. But it’s powerful enough to qualify.

You could dedicate your inner sanctum towards something specific, like prosperity, gratitude or confidence. Or you could make it an all-purpose sort of place, leaving yourself open to whatever you need.

Either way, here are some guidelines. Not rules, as this is an incredibly personal thing. But guidelines, certainly.

As with the meditation idea, only use your inner sanctum for this. Whether it’s a corner of your study or a wing of your mansion, make it a single purpose space.

Keep it clean and attractive. Decorate it, unless that feels too garish.

Use it every day to think about what you want and how you want to develop.

After a while, your brain will associate this place to what you seek. Simply being there will be enough to get your mind thinking along the right lines.

And the more you think that way inside the space, the more it becomes a habit outside the space, too.

Now, if this seems to mystical or woo-woo for you, dress it differently. Instead of an inner sanctum, think about it as a mental dojo.

Or virtual reality training program.

Or you could think of it as it is – a spatial trigger for your unconscious associations.

Whatever works for you works for you, so use it.

You can begin that simple self-improvement technique now.

And enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life.

If you really want to take your mind to new places? To improve more you dreamed possible?

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