Silly season, serious strength

Christmas is barely a week out. The season of parties, overindulgence and drama is now in full bloom.

I hope you’re enjoying yourself.

If not…?

Well, you wouldn’t be the first, now would you?

So that’s okay. A little downtime ain’t gonna wreck you.


What if that’s too much stress for your tastes?

What if you’re looking at the long parade of parties, travelling and get-togethers, thinking: wouldn’t it be great to have a distraction?

Something a little more enriching than the typical conversation with tipsy twice-removed cousins.

I hear ya.

In between a few of these events, I’ll be taking some downtime from the downtime to focus on building something.

Building my business.

Building my mind.

And everything in between.

Christmas is all about excess. Too much food, too much booze and too many mass produced whatevers.

So however you balance that is going to need to be equally epic.

That’s why I’ll turn to some of the exercises in Monster Mind Edukaré. Sure, I wrote it – but these skills are worth practicing forever.

Which, hey, is a long time.

And with 19 modules (and counting), that’s a lot of forever to work through.

Play hard and work hard, Edukaré-style:

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