The simplest (and most powerful) thing you can do right now

The simplest (and most powerful) thing you can do right now

I see a lot of judgement and hostility out there. I happened to catch a rant on social media where someone was, shall we say, expressing their concerns. It was a long list – “this industry is full of manure and that government agency is full of manure and that company is full of manure”…

He obviously didn’t say ‘manure’. You get the idea.

When every agency, organisation and collective has malicious agendas, it’s a lonely and bitter world to live in.

Sure, there’s reason to be sceptical.

There’s also reason to believe most people are trying to solve problems as best they can.

This rant was entirely normal. Face-to-face, it would attract a curious glance. Online, it’s not even worth that.

It stood out for me, though.

They all stand out, because they sure as hell shouldn’t be normal. This attitude is strange and damaging.

If there are evils in the world, then fight them.

If there are evils in the world, then they’re enough of a challenge without focusing on fake ones.

Getting angry online about everyone with a scrap of power? That only reduces your own.

What would increase your power, though?

What would energise you instead of drain you?

How could you choose to make a small, positive difference instead of weakening yourself?

(Because if there is a cabal, the worst thing you can do is waste your energies by complaining. Protesting, sure, but complaining?)

How could you seize control of your attention, your energy and your attitude?

What can you do to free yourself?

Me, I’d start with something simple (that happens to be powerful).

You could focus on your breathing.

That’s all – a nice, gentle focus.

Yes, that is my answer to the evils of the world, because you can’t fight them unless you focus and breathe.

(Whereas complaining without action achieves nothing.)

So focus and breathe.

Then move onto the next exercises:

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