The simplest ways to become smarter each day

The simplest ways to become smarter each day

There’s often a lag between what science knows and what society knows. A famous (and tragic) example is when people started toying with germ theory. Early experiments proved that the simple act of washing your hands after autopsies helped doctors keep their patients alive.

Even after rock-solid data proving that, it took a generation or two to catch on. Science knew it worked, even if doctors hadn’t caught up.

I’m pretty sure science has known about neuroplasticity – the brain’s awesome power to rewrite itself – for longer than I’ve been alive. Even so, I remember learning the opposite as a child. I learned once you reach the age of (say) 20, your brain is locked in.

You can refine your brain – teach it new tricks – but, they said, you couldn’t change its structure.

Two of my life philosophies – “trust the science” and “don’t underestimate nature” – seemed to come into conflict here. It didn’t make sense that the brain could be so… rigid. That seemed to underestimate (and contradict) what people are capable of.

I did a little digging and found that there was no conflict. The brain can, in fact, rewire itself in any way, at any age. Phew, what a relief.

Which then led me to the question:

What’s the simplest thing you can do to (positively) rewire your brain? What easy exercises make your mind sharper, smarter and more capable?

Decades later, I have some answers.

It doesn’t take much to nudge the brain towards good health. It wants to be healthy, after all.

But it does take specific, clever and intentional activity.

You can’t just act randomly or binge TV and hope for the best.

Instead, I offer you 13 simple habits you can develop. Many of them take a few minutes, some a little longer. Do most of them, most days, and you’ll grow smarter each day.

You know how they say, use it or lose it?

This is you using it.

And it’s available through Amazon here:

P.S. If you buy it and email me your proof of purchase by Tuesday 29th January, 0700 GMT, I’ll send you a little gift. I developed this mind training but never sold it, keeping in my back pocket for moments like this.

You know those days where you seem to burn with productivity? Your to-do list evaporates. You even feel relaxed as you knock over task after task after task.

Maybe you experience this often.

Maybe it’s been a while.

Either way, it’s as if you have more of your most precious resource: time. This mind training teaches you to experience this state more often, thus increasing the (usable) time you have each day.

But you need to buy the book and send me proof BEFORE the deadline. Buy it before and email me after, and you’re out of luck.

That link again is:

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