Your sissy hypnosis is in another castle

Hypnosis is powerful.

It’s powerful because it gets results, it’s true. But that’s not the whole story.

One of the key strengths of hypnosis is its versatility. You can use it for just about anything.

Want to solve a problem, like quitting smoking or eating better? Hypnosis can help.

Want to experience more confidence, energy and focus? Turn to hypnosis.

There’s hypnosis for careers, parenting, relationships, creativity, athletics…

(Sports hypnosis is huge and only getting bigger, just in case you thought it was all intellectual fluff with no real world applications…)

And, yeah, hypnosis can help in the bedroom.

It can get you in the mood…

Or you can use it to enjoy some adult roleplay.

One form of this is called sissy hypnosis. I’m sure you can imagine what that involves. If not… well, see, when a mummy and a daddy love each other, sometimes the daddy becomes a powerless child who’s completely at the mercy of mummy and she has fun with him.

I always knew this was a thing. Thanks to Twitter, I now know it’s an incredibly popular thing.

Now, I’m not about to kinkshame anyone. If that’s what you’re into, fill your (mistress’ latex) boots.

But if you stumbled across my website and saw the word hypnosis…

Sorry Mario, your sissy hypnosis is in another castle.

But, hey, not all is lost, little one. Tell mummy to have a look at this. It might give her the edge to really dominate you, you know?

It’s perfect for anyone who wants more power, influence and control in their life – among other things. In other words, it’s perfect for mummy, mistress or madam.

Here’s her link:

What can 8P do for you?

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