What you need to know in order to sit and close your eyes

If you want to master a field, you need to learn the basics first.

Dive into the deep end too soon and you’ll flail around.

All knowledge builds on other knowledge. All skills rely on other skills.

This is why tweens don’t earn MBAs and cats don’t earn PhDs.

If you want to climb a mountain of expertise, you start at the bottom.

But here’s the thing: there is no bottom. Even the simplest course assumes you speak the language and know how to pay attention.

(Things you had to learn at one point.)

Why I am waffling on about this?

It’s juicy and oh-so-relevant to anyone who “can’t” meditate.

If you tried it before, followed all the instructions and got nowhere, this is probably why. You don’t have some of the assumed knowledge or skills.

Once you figure that out – which might be one simple idea – then it’ll all click into place.

But here’s the thing:

Very few meditation coaches will be able to teach you what you need. That’s not an aspersion on their character – they’re probably great at taking folk from being decent meditators to spectacular ones.

It’s the stuff at the beginning, though.

Stuff they either learned before starting (and so meditation came easily to them) or they learned so long ago, they can’t remember not knowing.

Here’s where I can help you.

I have a meditation training program. But learning meditation comes late in the piece. Most of the learning happens before you sit down, close your eyes and clear your mind.

I’m talking months of prep work.

Sure, you could take shortcuts and get started sooner than that.

But if you “can’t” meditate, I recommend taking the more reliable approach.

Because you already know the harder you work to create a change, the bigger that change will be. It’s practically a law of psychology. Small changes come quickly, so working more on something other folk just “get” means you’re learning more.

And growing more.

If there’s one thing Monster Mind Edukaré rewards, it’s hard (and fun) work.

Here’s where you can get it:


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