The sky-high price of free hypnosis

If you were to spend time with online communities of hypnosis enthusiasts…

(Not something I necessary recommend – while some are fantastic, others often attract the delusional, the lazy and the misinformed.)

… you’ll see two common posts or tweets or whatever:

“hey any1 now any good free youtube hypnosis videos for insomnia???”

Followed by:

“help I listened to free hypnosis and now I can’t stop pleasing myself to pudding”

I shouldn’t laugh at other people’s pain…

But let’s consider the thought process here.

1) Hypnosis is powerful enough to change deep, automatic processes in the brain, such as falling asleep,

2) Imma get some of that for free yo.


Now, I know. I do offer plenty of hypnotic audios at no cost. In fact, you get a complete set of hypnosis audios when you subscribe to my email list.

But those are samples.

I’m happy to part with them. While useful – even life changing if you use them right – the real juicy stuff will cost you. By acting like a professional and charging you for hypnosis, you know I’ll deliver quality.

You’re welcome.

If the price is too high, good luck to you. Clearly there are plenty of free hypnosis audios out there.

I just hope you still see pudding as something you eat by the end…

Or you can invest in your mind right here:

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