Want to sleep on aircraft? This is probably too affordable

Want to sleep on aircraft? This is probably too affordable

A while back, I filed away a news story about the lengths rich people go to sleep on planes. If you can afford it, you can buy a private plane with a bed and other features I forget about.

It makes sense. Time is money. So if you have cash to burn, you buy back time.

And if you’re flying back and forth a lot, you may as well use that time to rest.

It’s funny, though. It reminds me of NASA needing writing implements for their astronauts. They invented a million-dollar space pen that can write upside down. The Soviet solution, of course, was to use a pencil instead.

(Which ignores what tiny wood and graphite fragments can do to eyeballs, lungs and electronics in zero gravity. But whatever.)

Sure, you can buy a crazy expensive plane with everything from a bed to an onboard masseuse.

Or you could learn to snooze on any old plane.

And you can do that for pocket change. Compared to a private jet, the price of this is a rounding error.

The strange thing is it has a thousand applications. A plane is just a plane. This guide, with an entire chapter dedicated to sleeping while flying, gives you this and so much more.

Me? I’d take the mind training over the private jet. Only one comes in handy all the time.

I’d read what else this sort of training can do for you.

And you can glimpse some of that right here:


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