Become as smart as Hercules

“As strong as Hercules.”

Pfft, whatever. How is that an expression? Why doesn’t anyone say “as smart as Hercules”?

Okay, sure. He had strength beyond mortal men, blah blah blah.

But that’s not the impressive part. It’s less that he had strength – what makes him a hero was how he used it.

Some problems were easy – he could brute force his way through those.

Other problems need more finesse. Hercules could have used his strength to clean horse muck from the stables, one stinky scoop at a time. Instead, he used his strength to redirect a river and let nature do the cleaning for him.

The clever, indirect approach.

Then there are problems that get worse when you fight them. Like the Hydra – cut off a head and two grow in its place. The stronger you are, the stronger it gets.

This is like anyone who quits smoking, then spends every moment fixated on fighting the cravings.

Or someone who is broke, thinking about how bad it is – instead of focusing on ways to make money.

Or someone lonely who pays more attention to their misery than the friendly folk around them.

The harder they fight and the more energy they bring to the problem, the stronger it gets.

The strange thing is you’re more than strong enough to defeat your challenges.

To slay the monsters in your mind.

It’s a shame they don’t fight fair. They’re cunning, ruthless, deranged and desperate.

Which means you need to be smarter than them, not just stronger than them.

And you need to fight smarter than they do.

Here’s how to fight smart enough to defeat the 19 monsters in your mind:

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