When schools make snake oil salespeople look like firefighters

“It’s as close to true freedom as I have come. Not freedom of, but freedom from; freedom from the debris of life that piles up and forces us to dig and dig for our original self, who we were once upon a time, innocent and wonderfully naïve, as authentically pure as a human can be.” – Dan Groat

If you’re quick to feel helpless, you’ll never be free.

You might not literally be enchained…

But when you choose to feel powerless, you outsource all your power to anyone and everyone else.

Some of those people will be wise, strong and caring. Wonderful things can happen when you open up and trust them.

Others will be well-meaning but unqualified. Never give control of your mind to someone who can’t manage their own.

Others still would take full advantage of your trust for their own ends.

The point is that, like every instinct, emotion and habit, helplessness serves a purpose.

When the firefighter kicks down the door and takes you into their arms, you don’t say, “no thanks, I’ve got this”. You hold on tight and let them carry you from the flames.

Then, once you’re in the cool, fresh air, you can stand on your feet again.

It takes tremendous wisdom to know the difference between a firefighter and a snake oil salesperson. You’d think their gear would give them away, but it’s usually not so simple.

When someone tells you to be afraid and to trust them, are they warning you of a real danger, well-meaning but confused, or using a sales tactic?

There’s no checklist for this – no set of rules that’ll separate these folks out.

You don’t need one.

Your inner mind has all the wisdom it needs to tell when someone is honest, competent and trustworthy.

Unless, of course… you’re stuck in your own helplessness.

Many people default to helplessness, even in situations where they could take control.

It’s no mystery as to why. Everyone spends a decade in the school system – and, while modern schooling as many advantages, there are a few serious problems with it.

The biggest one, in my accurate opinion?

The full and utter relinquishment of truth and merit.

Think about it:

A student completes an exam or an assignment.

Then it’s up to the teacher, the grader or the administrator who designed the assignment schema… what is accurate and what is nonsense.

Even if these authorities were always correct – they’re not, but roll with me – it teaches young people the wrong lesson:

Your authorities hold all the answers. They know what’s right and wrong. Your success in society (and your value as a person) depends on appeasing the authorities.

No no no No NO!

This is the 21st Century. We shouldn’t submit young people at their most suggestible to year after year of this nonsense. It teaches everyone the wrong lesson.

The entrepreneurs, innovators, revolutionaries and mavericks that drive society forward?

They are that way despite the school system, not thanks to it.

The fact that many of them were home-schooled or had unconventional upbringings shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. No sir, nothing to see here…

Their spirit somehow survived a system that crushes all independence and self-reliance.

So if your instinct is to turn to someone else for approval – whether that’s your boss, your parents, your teachers, your government, your self-help gurus…

… that instinct has you imprisoned.

It’s part of your Shadow – your deepest, darkest part of your unconscious mind, that holds you back out of fear, anxiety and the need to belong.

There’s nothing wrong with appeasing your elders and respecting authority.

But when you’re taught it’s the only way to succeed in life, it’s a collar around your throat.

There’s no use blaming society or schools for making you like this – even if it’s true.

You’re an adult and a human. That means you can change anything about yourself.

Allow me to show you the way. I know a simple technique, proven by decades of experience and research, for unravelling the chains from your past that bind you.

I’ll show you how to use it, as easily as closing your eyes.

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