Become so awesome you don’t have time to smoke

If you want to quit smoking, you might hear about aversion therapy. With hypnosis, it’s simple enough: you’re hypnotised so cigarettes become unappealing to you.

Maybe they make you feel nauseated.

Perhaps they taste awful.

You might go for something more exotic – like making cigarettes feel so hot, you can’t even touch them.

This is effective. It works wonders. By the end, you view cigarettes the way non-smokers do – disgusting, hazardous and a waste of money.

So, sure, it works.

I tend not to use it though.

Not in isolation, at least.

For one thing, it’s like swatting a fly with a sledge hammer. It does the job, even if it’s a smidge overkill.

For another, it doesn’t resolve the inner conflict. Right now, part of you wants to smoke while the other, wiser part knows it’s best to quit. If you resolve that, quitting is easy.

But aversion doesn’t solve conflict – it just rolls into the other village with tanks and napalm.

My main objection, though, is there’s a much better way to do it.

What if your life became so awesome you forgot all about smoking?

You’re too busy going on adventures, meeting new folk, exploring new hobbies, travelling, learning, testing your boundaries…

Then one day you realise you haven’t thought about smoking in days.

Who has the time to?

The funny thing is both approaches are almost as easy as each other. Aversion is generally quicker – but not always, and not by much. Neither is easier.

So if you could suffer someone out of smoking… or supercharge them out of it… all things being equal, why would you pick the first?

My quit smoking program has a few approaches built in.

It shreds the habit from the inside out.

It dislodges the old neural networks in your mind associated to smoking.

My program even does the impossible – it takes would-be saboteurs (well-meaning folk who don’t want you to change, like your smoking friends) and turns them into allies.

Oh, and it prevents relapse by retraining how you respond to stress and common situations.

But by the end you won’t just be a non-smoker. You’ll be more relaxed, better focused and healthier in every way.


Then you’d better hurry.

This program is about to be bundled in with a bunch of others. That means that, by the end, you will be a superstar – living the life of your dreams.

But it’ll be less convenient and a lot more expensive.

That great bundling isn’t happening today.

But it’ll happen soon.

Real soon.

So if you want to quit smoking without drugs, without withdrawals, without fighting yourself, without having to use willpower… and without paying extra, then you’d best hurry on over to this page now:

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