Will you ever take social connections for granted again?

It’s funny – I’d give just about anything to sit down and break bread with my closest friends, without the spectre of contagion looming over us.

That’s such a simple thing.

But you don’t know how vital it is until it’s gone.

Will you ever take being able to go out with loved ones for granted ever again?

I know I won’t. I’ll be grateful from the moment lockdown lifts until my last breath.

If you feel the same way, then consider this:

It’s worth investing in your ability to connect with others.

When you can meet up with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues for coffee again, it’s going to be amazing. Just naturally, with all the pent-up urge to connect, many of us will become a little more extraverted.

Then, of course, everything will return to normal over time.

But what if your new normal was someone who understands conversations better?

Someone able to make ordering coffee memorable, and drinking it with a friend special?

What if, after this is over, you can connect with the people in your life so much deeper than ever before?

Now’s a great time to practice it. It works just as well over the phone or Zoom, so you can start to build the skill now.

And all that takes is understanding how conversations are really supposed to work.

To recognise the hidden architecture to them.

With it, and a little practice, you’ll always know what to say to make the interaction even more meaningful. This isn’t a guide full of dorky scripts – it’s a guide full of insights that take your natural speaking style and use it to the fullest.

On the other side of this, you can either crawl back into your social life… or waltz back into it with your chin up and your eyes shining.

Your choice.

But first…

To make this offer even more enticing, I’m running a 3-day sale. You can get 50% off Conversation Hacker – my guide to the best conversations of your life – using the code WALTZ.

Three days isn’t much time, I know.

But I’m eager for you to get started with this now. Having deeper connections, now and later, might be all you need to come through this.

It does mean procrastinators are out of luck, though, as there are no extensions on this.

Here’s the link:


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