Is social media junk food ruining your gourmet conversations?

Conversations are strange creatures.

They can be this long, boring drag, full of awkward silences and exchanges of facts.


They can be weird and meaningful experiences, where time goes by in a blink.

You know you’re in a great conversation when hours disappear… and you can barely remember what you’ve talked about.

When someone asks you how talking with them went, you say “great!”

When they ask what you talked about, you shrug and say “no idea!”

That’s a feature of conversations, not a bug. It’s how you know you built a deep, real connection with the other person.

But, honestly?

These sorts of interactions were always infrequent.

But with the rise of social media, they’re becoming rarer.

You can’t have conversations like this over Facebook.

And the constant farts and burps from our phones get in the way. They interrupt gourmet conversations to offer a hit of junk food snippets.

If you ever feel lonely or disconnected from others – like they see you but not the real you – then listen up.

Conversation Hacker has exactly what you need. Read through and practice Exercise 8 (p13) a few times.

That, by itself, won’t save every conversation, but it’ll save a few.

Combine this with the other 14 exercises and you’ll toss junk food interactions into the fires of hell.

Savour more gourmet conversations with the Conversation Hacker here:

P.S. If you download it during the launch, I’ll throw in this tasty bonus:

It’s one thing to be an amazing conversationalist… but what if you were memorable, too?

What if your words and stories stuck in their minds?

What if you could turn the most mundane thing into something so compelling, they’ll struggle to forget it?

I’m not exaggerating. In a few paragraphs of text, I tell a story about shaving that has it all – emotion, conflict and a triumphant hero.

Once you know the 4 Pillars of Lasting Impressions, you can be this memorable too.

But this guide is only available during the launch, so grab it now.

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