I’m feeling lazy today, so enjoy some regurgitated pap

It’s Christmas Eve, so can you blame me for wanting to take it easy today?

But I don’t want to leave you in the lurch. I’d like to still offer you some humour and wisdom.

I won’t do much thinking, though. Here is a bunch of self-improvement clichés. I won’t even write them out because… well, meh.

Let these inspire you or whatever.

Airplane air mask.

An elephant tied to a stick, but how do you eat it? And are you thinking about a pink one now?

Coal into diamonds.

Crabs in a bucket and frogs in a boiling pot.

Golden rule, platinum rule.

Sharks either swim or drown.

Starfish stranded on the sand.

The ant and the grasshopper.

It’s funny, though…

It took years of hard work to learn everything in Monster Mind Edukaré, then years more to assemble it in a useful way that makes sense.

So I’m not afraid of hard work, pendo.

I hope you aren’t either, otherwise this program could be too much for you.

If you like digging deep into things and hauling up rewards lazier folks will never find, it’s perfect for you.

Here’s how you can get it:


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