This is what happens when I speak to your unconscious

This is what happens when I speak to your unconscious

Some of you know I’m a certified master hypnotist. Some of you might wonder if I weave hypnosis into articles like these.

The answer to that is, of course. Once you reach a point in your hypnosis training, you can’t not include it in everything.

Which answers another question people have: can you hypnotise people using text? The best writers can, whether they realise it or not. This is how you can lose yourself in a book and become oblivious to the outside world. J. K. Rowling is a much better hypnotist than I am.

All of which leads me to yet another question:

How do I know I’m hypnotising people? Since I’m not in the same room as you reading this, maybe I think I am but I’m not.

The cool thing is I can prove it.

A recent article of mine was featured on LinkedIn, which led to a spike in comments. These comments fell into three broad categories:

  • The Confused – people who thought I didn’t say anything on the topic,
  • The Fans – people who liked what they read,
  • The Elaborators – people who read a lot into what I wrote… way more than I could possibly say in 400 words… and shared their thoughts on it.

Now, if I were writing garbage, everyone would be Confused.

If I were a competent writer, a lot of people would be Fans.

If I wrote a lot of advanced content about the subject, there’d be Elaborators building on or refuting my points.

Good writers will hit two out of three all the time.

Hypnotic writers, though?

We ride that train all the way into the station.

After all, how can some people say I wrote nothing, while others think I wrote more than I did?

Isn’t that a paradox?

Not when you’re dealing with complex minds. Then every paradox makes sense.

When you read something for the conscious mind, it’s a piece of information. You can analyse it, agree with it, reject it, expand it or anything else.

When you read unconsciously, though, it bypasses all of that.

If it’s too outside your conscious experiences, it feels like you’re reading gibberish.

If it’s a little beyond your normal thinking, it associates to other ideas… almost at random. Your brain struggles to make sense of it and grabs onto the first compatible idea, like a drowning person grabbing a piece of debris.

Either way, it can be enjoyable to stretch your thoughts in new ways.

And all that explains the Confused, the Elaborators and the Fans.

Now, the irony is this article you’re reading right now is far more conscious than most of mine. That’s because I felt like this point needed explaining. When you want someone to learn a fact, you talk to their conscious mind.

Or am I lying about that and this was my most unconscious article yet?

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is, if you enjoy stretching your mind…

And want to use it to improve your thinking in a dozen different ways…

Well, here’s a hefty dose of unconscious communication just waiting for you:

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