The only thing worth spending discipline on

This might be a tired analogy, but bear with me:

Discipline is like a muscle. Exercising it makes it stronger… yet if you spend all day working it, it’s going to seize up on you.

Like building physical strength, building mental strength involves walking a fine line.

You don’t want to make your life so comfortable you never have to struggle.

Then again, creating hell on earth for no reason doesn’t make sense.

So you want to struggle… but for it to be a smart struggle.

Spending discipline in ways that make you stronger, not leave you worn out at the end of it all.

Some folk work out in concentrated bursts – say, an hour at the gym, three times a week.

Others weave little exercises into their daily life by doing push ups in the elevator or whatever.

Whichever style suits you, it makes sense to push yourself.

You could exercise your discipline by exercising your body.

Or you could do it by poking the back of your hand with a sharp needle every few minutes.

Both work, though one clearly benefits you more than the other.

So if some approaches have more of a payoff than others, what’s the best thing to focus on?

In my opinion, anything that strengthens the mind.

A strong mind creates good habits. These lead to greater health, wealth, happiness and success.

It’s the foundation for everything. Talk to any Olympian and they’ll tell you how vital the mental game is, both in training and on the field.

Let alone for purely mental pursuits like writing and leadership.

That’s why I say if you’re going to reach into your pocket, pull out your discipline card and swipe at a cash register, it better be one that sells you greater mental power.

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