How atheists and sceptics can use this “spiritual paradox”

Spiritual traditions from across the world share a common paradox:

In order to gain control over yourself, you need to give it up.

In the West, this is about surrendering to God. If you want greater discipline, happiness and the ability to overcome the basic, decent pleasures known as “sin”, you need to admit you have no power to do so. Ask God for it and He will grant it.

Eastern religions have a similar idea. Through meditation, you learn to accept the things you don’t want, like negative memories. Then you learn that there is no “you” to have the negative memories in the first place.

Through that, you enter a state of mind where you can control them.

It’s all very strange if you think about it.

Especially if you’re sceptical of all things mystical. It sounds like nonsense designed to keep folk compliant. Of course the higher powers (in the form of kings and popes) would encourage you to surrender to higher powers. That’s just good politics.

Many folk – especially high achievers – instinctively recoil from the idea of surrender. You didn’t get this far in life by lying down and taking it. You didn’t “accept” you situation – you studied hard, worked hard, took calculated risk and earned the rewards.

And no part of any decent business plan says “let’s give up and hope for the best”.

But let’s take a step back here.

If you’re cooking up a method of controlling the populous, religion isn’t a bad system. But the sort of Buddhist meditation I described above (which wasn’t taught to the masses, only monks) doesn’t make folk more compliant. It makes them more indifferent to power, materialism and even their own suffering, which makes them harder to control.

I’m oversimplifying and there are exceptions, but it doesn’t work on average.

So maybe meditation and prayer weren’t designed by ancient psychologists to control the masses. Maybe it was yet another ridiculous thing to come out of the teaching of religion.

Except… how did these distant cultures with no communication cotton onto the same idea?

You might argue religion makes mistakes about the universe and the human condition… but why, specifically, would they both develop, independently, “surrender = control”?

Whenever something pops up in multiple cultures, it often tells us something about the human condition.

And one of the things is that we do, in fact, answer to higher powers.

Even if you see the universe as purely mechanical, with no souls, deities, afterlife or magic, there’s still a higher power.

And that higher power is you.

Think about all the times your instincts told you something you couldn’t possibly know.

Like getting a bad vibe from someone from merely a glance, only to learn they’re a con artist.

Or leaping back from the road before you’re even aware of the speeding truck.

It happens to often, it can be hard to think of examples. Acting on your instincts becomes normal.

When folk pray or meditate or whatever, sometimes they say God spoke to them. They have a flash of insight, an overwhelming sense of clarity and connection to something deeper.

Maybe they are literally talking with a deity.

But given how you can recreate that experience in a secular way by exploring nature, playing extreme sports and forging a tightly-knit community, maybe that’s just deeper instincts talking.

Because when you build up trust in your unconscious and surrender control to it, suddenly you can fix a lot of entrenched problems.

You can remove lifelong phobias, resolve old emotional wounds and find a higher calling, all through listening to your instincts. And why not? It’s your unconscious – the source of your intuition – that holds the problem, so why wouldn’t that lead to a solution?

This isn’t about giving up, accepting bad situations and not taking action anymore. It’s about listening to the greatest wisdom in your mind and trusting it enough to act on it.

That’s what surrendering to gain control is all about.

And if you wish to relinquish conscious control and engage with your unconscious guides, then hypnosis is the tool for you. Look into it and you’ll find scientists discovering not only is it real, but it’s more powerful than we ever suspected.

That’s because your unconscious is more powerful than you ever suspected.

Engage with it, listen to it, surrender to it, and you’ll have greater control than ever before.

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