Split personalities, not profits

You don’t need to be a philosopher or Buddhist monk to know there is no ‘you’.

Who ‘you’ are changes, sometimes moment to moment.

It’s more like there’s a parliament of voices, each trying to sway you in different ways.

Looking at the basic substrate of our brain, it’s clear how different networks of neurons can ‘compete’ for control.

Your ‘artistic’ self quietens in a drab, beige office, while your ‘love and romance’ self shuts down during –

Actually, I can’t complete that sentence. No matter the situation, someone’s romantic instincts will come to the fore. But I’m sure you can think of situations that for you, personally, don’t quite do it for you.


As different aspects of your personality rise and fall, you notice something:

Some of them are simple, like the impulse to eat even more cake.

Others are complex, like when you fantasise elaborate revenge schemes… only to cool your jets a little later.

Could some aspects be so complex that they’re intelligent, even self-aware?

Sure – that’s probably what ‘you’ are, anyway.

File that away in a different sub-network as you consider this:

Hypnosis works on these different voices. It quietens some neural networks while enhancing others. Hypnotherapy – as in, using hypnosis to consciously resolve issues – involves selecting which networks to enhance or diminish.

And, yes, I’m speaking both literally and metaphorically here.


Can we combine these two?

Can you use hypnosis to enhance a subnetwork so much that it becomes self-aware?

Which is a fancy way of asking, can hypnosis install multiple personalities?


Multiple personalities are possible – they arise spontaneously in people. Hypnosis simply recreates this process.

That can be used for good. Even the tamest mouse has a lion inside them, desperate to roar.

If you think your issues are too tough to face, you can create a new ‘you’ who can handle them easily.

But it can also be used for sinister purposes.

In fact, this is the classic nonsense you see in Hollywood, where someone is hypnotically reprogrammed to be an assassin or something.

I’m not going to say that’s impossible… but I’m not convinced it’s happened. All the ‘conclusive!!!’ experiments and documentaries always have simpler explanations and gaps in the experiments.

But it doesn’t matter.

Most folks don’t want to turn you into a Manchurian candidate anyway.

But they’d happily install a personality in you who’s more compliant.

More willing to give them what they want.

Creating a new persona in another person just to make a sale might sound like overkill… but sales is life or death.

As always, the best way to defend against this is to understand the offense.

That way, you can spot the language patterns, interruption techniques and – above all – the feeling of hypnotic trance.

Then, properly informed, you can defend against it.

So inform yourself thusly:


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