Audio quality that’s so low, it’s spooky

To celebrate Halloween, I’m going all Freddy Krueger on my prices. You can grab Monster Mind Edukaré – one of the most thorough ways to train every part of your mind – at a toe-curling $100 discount.

One of the modules (out of 19) is a bundle of 37 practical, tip-laden podcasts, covering everything from how to sleep on planes to how to meditate without meditating.

I call these the Autumn Files because I recorded most of them at that time of year.

And I did so while working around, yapping into my phone’s microphone.

So the audio quality is bad. There’s background noise, wind, birds and planes.

Sometimes I have to pause to let traffic go by.

This is not some slick, fancy setup – I’m literally just walking around.

I’m proud of this module, despite that, for two reasons:

One, the quality is good enough. You can make out what I’m saying – what more do you need?

Two, the content is dynamite.

Want to know how to hypnotise your own gut or take the sting out of bad memories? You can learn each of those in minutes.

And if you really can’t stand occasional background noise (oh no!), you have options.

You can skip that module and still get a hundred times your money’s worth – especially if you take advantage of the discount.

Or you can walk away. If that’s a deal-breaker, this was never going to work out anyway.

If you can stomach amazing content you won’t hear anywhere else, plus the occasional bird squawking overhead, now’s the perfect time to get it.

And get it you can by following this here link:

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