Unfortunate side effect: spotting fake friends

In Conversation Hacker, I teach you how to push the friendship button in other folk’s minds.

Whether they’re a stranger or soulmate, this simple gesture – especially when combined with everything else – easily builds a stronger sense of rapport.

It’s something most folk do naturally… but only with those they really like.

And only when they’re in the mood to be friendly.

Train yourself to do this with everyone, and you’ll radiate good intentions and charisma.

Now, I have to mention this only works when folks can see you. Luckily, you can do this and still keep your distance from others. It works over webcams – and, if you’re still able to go out for exercise and groceries, it works with folks you pass at a comfortable distance.

There’s an unfortunate side effect of this, though.

As you start thinking about the architecture of conversation and everything that supports it, you’ll begin seeing it all out in the wild.

That includes some of these close friends sending friendly signals to you.

And… a few friends sending those signals to everyone but you.

Don’t read too much into it based on one interaction. Maybe they had a dream where you stole their computer mouse, replaced it with a cheap one and sold yours to a pawn shop.

(Yeah, that happened to me.)

With their conscious mind, they know it’s irrational to be mad at you.

The part that governs body language might not be on board with that plan, though.

So one-offs don’t mean much.

But consistent patterns?

That’s worth noticing.

We humans lie with our words several times a minute. But body language? That’s far more honest. And the truth is sometimes honesty hurts.

But wouldn’t you rather know how they really feel about you? That would save you wasting your time once you’re able to socialise freely again.

Besides, Conversation Hacker gives you the tools to handle it.

Either you can have deep and meaningful conversations with them to win them over…

… or you find new and better friends.

Either way, you’ll be in a better position.

That gives you a choice right now: continue wallowing in blissful ignorance, or step up and start seeing all relationships in a new light.

To make this offer even more enticing, I’m running a 3-day sale. You can get 50% off Conversation Hacker – my guide to the best conversations of your life – using the code WALTZ.

Three days isn’t much time, I know – and you’re almost halfway through it.

But I’m eager for you to get started with this now. Having deeper connections, now and later, might be all you need to come through this.

It does mean procrastinators are out of luck, though, as there are no extensions on this.

Here’s the link:


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