Spurning the world’s most popular drug

I’m not big on caffeine.

I used to be. Coffee tastes great and smells even better. Plus, who couldn’t use a kick every now and then?

Therein lay the problem, pendo.

Sometimes, coffee would make me alert, sharp and focused.

Other times, it would make me jittery and needing to pee.

Most of the time, though?

My energy would plummet, I would feel queasy and I couldn’t concentrate.

It took me a while to notice the connection, because it took a while for those symptoms to show up. I don’t know what the deal with that is and I don’t care. I cut out coffee, black tea and green tea, and I was able to function again.

So how do I get by without something as essential as coffee?

I could say that coffee is a luxury, not a necessity.

I could say you get used to not having it.

And those are true.

But here’s why, while I might miss the taste of coffee, I’m not pining for a caffeine buzz:

Caffeine doesn’t contain the concept of alertness. It’s a chemical. That chemical interacts with the brain in certain ways to make you feel alert.

A principle of neuroscience is:

If you can access a mental state with chemistry, you can access it without chemistry. Your brain doesn’t need caffeine to focus or LSD to hallucinate.

Some folks misapply this principle. They hear that and say, “see? Depression isn’t real! You can just choose to snap out of it!”

I never said it was a matter of conscious choice.

Choose to feel intense, even debilitating pleasure right now.

Aww, it didn’t work? Obviously – which is why you should have been suspicious of this whole ‘choice’ nonsense.

The brain creates states, sometimes guided by external chemistry, other times without – but how it does that is subtle and tricky.

You can train yourself to feel certain states stronger and more reliably. That’s not the same as anyone being able to choose to feel anything at any time.

It’s how I get by without caffeine – and, as my prolific writing shows, I focus better than most folks can with it.

Maybe I’ll put something together like that one day – a hypnotic coffee shot of sorts.

In the meantime, the best mind training begins with learning to explore trances. Simply entering a deep trance often enough can create the changes you want.

More alertness from less coffee, for example.

If it takes more work, the trances lay the foundation for it.

That’s why I offer the Neural Reset. You will get more of what you want, even after one session – the only question is how subtly or dramatically things will change.

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