The real reason stage hypnotists are larger than life

If you see a few stage hypnotists perform, you’ll notice they’re all colourful characters.

They’re bright, loud and enthusiastic.

I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule. Maybe some of them adopt a dull, grey persona… and still manage to be successful. Who knows.

But it’s a firm generalisation:

Stage hypnotists are at least a little flamboyant.

But why?

“That’s an easy one, William,” you say. “They’re entertainers! Personalities like that are entertaining!”


I’m not going to say that’s wrong, because it isn’t. But comedians are entertainers. And, yes, many of them are manic, rambling eccentrics…

Many of them aren’t, though.

Some comedians are dry, cynical, understated, even gloomy, and still make it big.

For stage hypnotists, being entertaining is essential… but only part of it.

Here’s the real scoop:

Emotional states are contagious. This is why everyone avoids people who always complain and grizzle about everything. Everyone healthy avoids them, at least. Toxic folks and social predators flock to them… but not because they enjoy their company.

On the other hand, have you met someone who was genuinely grateful about life?

I don’t mean someone who writes “be grateful!” on a Post-It Note and sticks it to their mirror. I mean someone who’s grateful without even having to think about it.

They’re a real joy to be around.

Enthusiasm is crazy contagious, too. I hear this from parents all the time. They’re doing something mind-numbingly boring… but because their child is excited, in the way that only children can be, they get swept up in the moment.

They start having fun too, even though they’d hate doing it on their own.

That is why stage hypnotists act with such enthusiasm – it’s one of the most common and underappreciated forms of influence.

By them being so bright and bubbly, you feel that way too.

Maybe not as much as them, but that’s okay. Even a 1% increase in your enjoyment makes a difference.

Partly because when you enjoy yourself, you’re more open and suggestible.

Partly because it establishes a precedent.

Because you followed their lead emotionally, you’re more likely to follow their lead in the future. Following a suggestion makes you more suggestible, even if that suggestion is entirely non-verbal.

Many stage hypnosis routines begin with a lot of hype. Loud music, flashing lights, an excited MC telling you to get ready for the next amazing routine…

Before they even walk out, the hypnosis has already begun.

I don’t shout, “woo, are you having a great time?” during sessions with my clients.

But I still use this principle.

Instead of enthusiasm, I feel conviction – the conviction that you will, in fact, overcome your challenges.

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