Worse than staring down a knife-wielding rhino

Feeling uncertain about 2021?

Not sure what to make of what’s happening?

No one would blame you for that. In an uncertain and changing world, that’s probably the smart play.


Too much uncertainty isn’t great for you.

You feel fear when you face a threat in the moment. A rhino charges you while holding a ka-bar, then that adrenaline is gonna prove useful.

Dread is when you know – or at least suspect – a threat is coming soon. When you walk through the rhino’s forest, close to the lake of knives, dread will keep you on your toes just in case.

But what about when you’re not sure what you fear?

You fear… something bad… could happen… at any time.

Well, we call that anxiety… and it’s insidious.

Fear and dread peak hard, then fade away once you’re safe.

But anxiety comes from an uncertain sense of danger, meaning are you ever truly safe? How would you know?

This is what makes anxiety so dangerous. It never knows when to go away.

Telling yourself to relax, that everything is safe, that you have nothing to fear but fear itself – it doesn’t work. The part of your brain that feels fear is much older and more deeply integrated than the part of your brain that speaks language.

That means resolving it takes a different approach.

Something deeper than mere words.

Deeper into your ancient, animal unconscious mind than you can consciously go.

It’s all in the name of my Alleviating Anxiety program.

I guarantee my results. In fact, for a flat fee, you get as many sessions as it takes to resolve it. Plus it’s online, meaning you can experience this change from the comfort of your home.

If you want to relax and be free from anxiety, your next move is clear – sign up for a session here:


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