Easy and hard ways to steal inner peace

There’s an old joke, assuming this is even funny, that goes like this –

A: I wish I had your attitude towards that.

B: You can have it.

A: Wait… really?

B: Sure. You having it won’t stop me using it.

Hilarious, right?

Okay okay, let’s move on…

The reason I bring this up is it’s a great form of mind training. If someone has an attitude, aptitude or trait you want, steal it. It’s okay – it doesn’t stop them from using it.

Not sure how to steal something as intangible as habits and personality?

Luckily for you, Monster Mind Edukaré has at least two ways of doing this.

The easy way is through module 9 – Mastery & Meditation. It’s a collection of meditation techniques I pilfered under the cover of darkness and loaded into a windowless van, which I now sell in seedy alleyways. These are what top performers in all sorts of fields use to focus their minds and calm their emotions, and now they’re yours.

These are simple drills, vetted by the best at what they do.

That’s the easy way.

Then there’s the hard way.

Module 18 – the Hall of Heroes, which is buried way at the back.

This is because you need the skills from the rest of the program to handle it. It builds on everything else. Skip ahead at your peril.

This is much more powerful.

It’s like reaching into another person’s mind and taking what you want.

Even if you’ve never met them.

Heck, I’ve done it with fictional characters. It works just as well.

And the victims of your insidious mind crime never care, complain or even notice…

Anyway, enough planning. Time for action.

Everything you need is right here:


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