What a stoner taught me about feeling energetic

I like dancing when there’s a point to it. For example, I spent many years learning swing dancing. It’s great fun because there are moves, connection, and other great stuff. But the dancing you do in nightclubs – where everyone just sort of flails around – isn’t for me. It’s feels awkward and boring. Yet this awkward, boring dancing taught me something valuable about feeling more energetic.

This lesson came at a meditation workshop / concert / party. It priced out the dirty hippies, leaving only cool people who were eager to connect with something inside. The guy leading the chanting and instruments was super chill – liquid relaxation in a human-sized bottle. He drew everyone into this calm, focused and awesome state.

He could have left us there.

Oh, no. He had bigger plans.

We’re all lying about, getting into the groove like it’s the ’60s or something. Everyone is flopping about, blitzed out and half-comatose. We’re all on the same level: this hippy’s level.

It was incredibly relaxing.

So then he starts chanting and playing with a bit more energy. It builds a little at a time. Soon we’re all standing around and swaying.

Everyone is still totally chill.

But he doesn’t stop. He dials up the energy again. Then a little more.

We’re all bouncing around, jumping around, still feeling pretty relaxed about everything.

Like clockwork, his chanting goes up another level. The instruments follow his lead.

Everyone is up, dancing and having a great time. The stamping of 90 people resonates through the wooden floorboards, kicking up dust. We’re all getting a little more energetic.

The hippy’s volume and energy go up again.

And again.

Everyone loves this. We’re all jumping, flailing, dancing like there’s nothing else in the world.

And the music gets louder. And faster. The intensity goes up.

We go mental.

I haven’t danced like that before and I doubt I will again. The loud rhythm rips through the crowd. Everyone is MOVING.

And just when I think ‘this is it, it can’t go any higher’, it does. Of course it does. The escalation has its own rhythm and it will not be denied.

That is how I spent the dying hours of 2017. No regrets, would lose myself in the crowd and music again.

Even while it was happening, some part of me was aware of this stoner’s genius. The way he worked a crowded room is exactly how you can feel more energetic:

1) Get in sync.

2) Settle everything to a calm baseline.

3) Steadily crank the volume.

This is why meditation is so powerful: it does the first two things so well and clears your mind for the third.

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