Stop asking if you’re doing it right

Say you’re exploring a newly discovered continent. You’re not the first person to arrive… but you are among the earliest. With the number of folks who have been here before you, you could field a couple of soccer teams.

Did I mention it’s a continent? This land is huge.

So while others have stepped foot on this landmass before you, none of them have seen this part of it.

What do you do?

You’d probably find some of the other explorers and asked them what it was like for them.

Did they encounter any dangerous animals?

What’s the climate like?

Were there plenty of ways to find food and water?

What was the most difficult thing they encountered?

All wise questions to ask, certainly.

After all, you want to know a little about this land you’re exploring. If the native grasshoppers have a taste for human flesh, you’d rather know that before you wander off.

What questions should you avoid asking?

“Is it better to go through the desert or the forest?”

“A green beetle landed on me. Can I eat it?”

“Where’s the nearest source of fresh water?”

What would be the point of asking these questions? The only way to find the answers is to explore for yourself.

If you want a map before you begin, then you’re not an explorer.

If you encounter a spooky lizard and want someone to tell you if it’s safe, go back to civilisation.

This land isn’t for the likes of you.

So, why am I waffling on about this?

Because I see this all the time in hypnosis circles. People ask questions like:

“What’s a script that’s GUARANTEED to put someone into a deep trance?”

“My hands sometimes tingle when I’m hypnotised. What does that mean?”

“I want to be a master hypnotist but I have no background in it. What can I do to learn everything?”

Let my answer that last one for you:

Your first step is to abandon your unhealthy need for certainty.

Psychology isn’t physics. There are no universal rules or foolproof techniques. The answer to every question begins with, “it depends”.

You want a surefire, simple, five-step plan… to plump the hidden and mysterious depths of your psyche?

It doesn’t work that way – of course it doesn’t.

Sure, hypnosis scripts can work.

And, sure, there’s a lot of advice I can give someone starting out.

But you have to learn hypnosis – whether as a hypnotist or a subject – experientially.

Textbooks, scripts, advice from people – it can all help a little. But 95% of what you’ll learn comes from doing it and figuring it out for yourself.

So do it.

Get curious about what happens.

Accept that you won’t know what most of it means, especially at first.

Stop wandering around basecamp, asking for directions. Get out there and explore!

And don’t worry if you do it ‘wrong’ because the worst thing to do is to do nothing.

This might sound like I advocate a ‘sink or swim’ approach to learning hypnosis and meditation.

I certainly don’t. Without the right guidance, it’s slower, harder and even more dangerous to learn these.

That’s why I lay out so much information and give you so many resources in my programs. They’re not shortcuts and you still have to put the work in. But they will help you avoid a lot of traps – many I blundered into myself.

There’s no getting out of doing the work, though.

If that scares you, great. The price tag of Monster Mind Edukaré would have scared you off anyway.

But if you appreciate the real power of your mind, you’ll see just how affordable this program is.

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