Stop Smoking Unconsciously

Stop Smoking Unconsciously

There are those who smoke and are happy. Hey, we all have our vices. Then there are people who don’t want to smoke but can’t manage to quit. They walk around with bad odours, empty wallets, crippled lungs and an aura of failure.

All of which is unnecessary.

If you smoke and want to quit, you’ve probably tried patches or gum. Or maybe you kept it simple and quit cold turkey. Both strategies have similar succeed rates, which is a polite way of saying they don’t work. Nicotine supplements assume the problem is chemical. It’s not.

As for relying on willpower…

Well, what makes quitting cold turkey so hard? If you don’t want to smoke, then stop. If you have cravings, ignore them. It’s not this easy – otherwise you would have quit years ago. But why isn’t it this easy?

What makes it so hard to stop doing something?

Smoking is an unconscious problem. This is why hypnosis will help you to stop smoking. Knowing that you should quit is a conscious solution. In other words, they don’t match. And what happens when the conscious and unconscious minds disagree?

It’s the same as any dieter who promises to skip dessert, but caves at the sight of cake. Or the person who swears to get on better with the mother-in-law but rises to her challenge. Or the entrepreneur who can’t switch off the TV and get to work.

You can’t fight your unconscious.

But you can reason with it.

If your unconscious mind wants you to smoke, then there’s nothing you can do about that. Here’s the good news: that’s not what your unconscious wants. It knows as well as you do that smoking kills your wallet, body and attractiveness. It gives you the urge to smoke anyway because it wants something else.

Your unconscious mind thinks that smoking adds value. What that supposed value is varies from person to person, but you can find the answer with a little introspection. Think back to when you started smoking and you’ll probably find the answer.

For example, maybe you smoked as a teenager because you thought it made you cool. Hey, maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. As an adult, it doesn’t make you cool. People think you reek and have poor self-control. Your unconscious is working off old information. It wants you to be popular. A noble goal, terribly executed.

Or maybe your unconscious thinks cigarettes help you relax. Again, it’s working with wrong information.

You never smoked for smoking’s sake. There was always a reason behind it, a benefit that you thought it gave you. Bringing that into your consciousness makes it so much easier to quit.

If you’re serious about quitting, then prove it. Invest in your health and success now. Forget fighting your own mind or replacing one nicotine habit for another. Hypnosis lets you move past all the hassle and get you back to breathing fully.

Don’t bother looking if you aren’t serious. When I say this is an investment, I mean it – even though it’s cheaper than your smoking habit. This link is only worth following if you’re serious about living smoke-free:

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