Struggle is inevitable, so learn to love it

Struggle is inevitable, so learn to love it

That line above might be all you need to know about motivation. Working towards your goals is easy when you’re rested, inspired and working on fun stuff. Those times don’t last, though. If you want to do anything meaningful, you’re going to struggle at points.

As simple examples, think about extraverts and introverts. Classic introvert professions, like being an author or researcher, require you to charm and schmooze people. Extraverts need to know how to lock themselves away and fill in forms, build websites and write articles.

You can’t avoid the stuff you hate.

Even if you outsource every little distraction and focus on the fun work… well, that isn’t always fun. I adore writing and even I have my moments where I’d rather watch Netflix.

It happens.

Struggle is inevitable…

And if you learn to love it, you’ll keep going. After all, struggle means you’re pushing a boundary. Maybe the task is new or maybe you’re tired.

Either way, if you keep working, you’ll pull ahead of those who don’t.

Now, I’m not saying it should all be a struggle…

But it shouldn’t all be easy, either.

What does this all mean, though? I say the words “love your struggle” as if it’s something you can choose.

Only because it is.

There’s a simple attitude shift anyone can make. Most of you can do this already, the rest will need only a little practice. Do this and you can enjoy toiling towards your goal.

Doesn’t matter if you’re wrestling with a new, challenging task.

Doesn’t matter if you’re blinking heavily, struggling to keep your eyes open.

You can do this now.

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