Can you get stuck in trance? Maybe you already are…

A common concern with hypnosis is getting stuck in trance.

What if you enter a trance state and can’t leave it?

To which I say…

I wish. Trance can be such a pleasant, relaxing and liberating experience that it would be amazing to stay like that.

Seriously, though? It can’t happen – at least, not like how you think.

Let’s say you’re deep in a trance when the hypnotist suddenly vanishes. One of two things will happen.

You’ll probably notice something strange is going on and wake up. Whether that happens quickly or you remain in trance for a while depends on a few factors, but you won’t last for long.

Or you might drift off into a refreshing sleep.

There are few credible cases of someone closing their eyes, going into a trance and remaining like that forever. It’s kind of like sleeping forever. Barring strange medical circumstances, you’ll wake up eventually – no matter how tired you are.

It’ll wear off eventually, even if someone tries to keep you there.

But here’s where it gets interesting:

Plenty of common experiences put you in a trance. Things like reading a great book and having a deep conversation can do the trick. You lose yourself in the experience, losing track of time and your surroundings, then emerge later feeling fresh and invigorated.

And that tells you that you can be hypnotised with your eyes open.

You can walk around in a trance.

You don’t have to “be asleep”.

The rest of the world can see you talking with folks, doing things, living your life… but they can’t see how deeply you are in a trance.

Think this hasn’t happened to you?

Unless you know what trances are like, how would you know?

Even if you have experienced trances before, how can you be certain?

People get stuck on things all the time. Bad memories, bad habits, bad ways of thinking can haunt someone from one day to the next. This is the unconscious mind fixating on something not useful. It’s a trance of sorts, just not a positive one.

The answer?

Break that trance and enter a new one.

Imagine getting ‘stuck’ in a trance where you felt happy, relaxed and confident all the time.

Where you are able to focus more on the outside world and tune in to your inner experience.

A trance is an altered state of consciousness. But what happens when that state becomes your default way of operating?

Then it’s less of a trance state you’re in… and simply who you are as a person.

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