Your suggestibility is your power

Your suggestibility is your power

How suggestible are you? Just how prone to emotional manipulation, marketing and hypnosis are you? If you’re like most people, you probably think you aren’t.

Sure, you know marketing works – that’s why it costs so much to run ads. But it doesn’t work on you. You make all your decisions rationally.

That’s because you’re too strong-willed to be manipulated.


If you believe this, then listen up. There’s two things wrong with that:

Firstly, believing you’re not suggestible makes you more suggestible. If you think you make all your decisions, you never doubt your own thoughts. Someone who questions their own motives and logic will catch manipulation far more often.

If you think you’re an island fortress, you’ll never look for intruders.

Secondly, being suggestible makes you stronger.

I know that might sound strange to you. Don’t worry, I can prove it… by telling you to look at the animal kingdom.

Look around the ecosystems. Any environment where mammals live is an environment where mammals thrive. Whales and dolphins rule the oceans. Lions rule the savannah.

Nothing rules over mammals. They dominate any terrain using their greatest strength:


Look at us humans. We’re the most adaptable species in the known history of the universe. We’re so good at surviving, we strain every ecosystem on the planet.

Nature can’t keep up with how easily we change.

It applies in business ecosystems too, only it’s called “agile” there. Static businesses go extinct, while adaptable ones thrive.

Suggestibility means being open to change. It means knowing how to grow. It means not being trapped forever with the problems you have now.

And if being suggestible gets you in trouble?

Luckily you’re open to solutions, too.

You can (and should) train your mind to be more suggestible. You’ll find the more you do so, the easier your life becomes. And the best way is to practice self-hypnosis – it’s easier than you might think.

Everything from the basic techniques to advanced, life-changing stuff is here:

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