Sun Tzu’s The Art of Hypnosis

Want a free hypnosis lesson?

You got it…

Simply read, absorb and apply the core lesson from The Art of War:

Know yourself and know the other, and you can’t lose.

That’s all it takes to hypnotise someone.

No, really. You’ve probably met folk who are completely comfortable in their own skin. Talking with them is amazing. Their sense of inner peace, confidence and self-worth are contagious.

And if they know what makes you tick?

Forget about it. You’ll be in a trance in no time.

“But William,” some of you say, “that can’t be right. That’s not hypnosis!”

Au contraire, pendo.

Hypnosis isn’t all swinging watches, “look into my eyes”, close your eyes and cluck like a chicken.

Trances are often more subtle. After all, you’re in and out of them all day. Even folk who don’t “believe” in hypnosis or are “too strong” to be hypnotised are in a trance half the time.

I could talk more about this.

But words are just words.

It’s much better to experience hypnosis for yourself.

And even better than that?

Become the sort of person who’s comfortable in your own skin. The sort who automatically trances folk out just by walking by.

And there are several ways to do that in Monster Mind Edukaré.

Of course there are – with 19 modules, some of which courses in their own right, there are several ways to do just about anything.

Divide and conquer your way to its sales page:

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