Superhero you

How do you design a superhero?

You start with the end, then figure out how to justify it.

To create Batman, you dream up a man with ninja skills, so he must have had the means and motivation to master them.

He has cool gadgets, so he must know science and have the resources to make them.

He doesn’t kill because that would be too dark, so you give him an obsession to prevent others from suffering loss the way he did.

Life doesn’t work this way. It’s not like you start with the result and then experience the cause.

You work hard, then get rich.

You learn ninja skills, then you become a superhero, a thief or someone who makes viral videos of your parkour skills.

Sure, you might have a plan before you start, but you don’t have an outcome. Not yet.


What if you could start with the end?

What if you could build your life with almost the same certainty of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman?

In psychology, there’s the principle of self-fulfilling prophecies. Knowing you’ll have a good time at a party puts you in a good mood before you go, which increases the odds of that happening.

The opposite also works.

Nothing is certain, but expecting an outcome skews the odds in its favour.

I’m not talking about writing down clear goals and imagining them coming true, although those can help. I’m talking about my IGNITE System, which builds on these principles and exercises and takes them further.

It allows you to design a better future, then watch as the dramatic arc of your life bends towards it.

It’s Halloween in a week or so, and we’re already seeing the social media comedians strut their stuff.

“Who needs Halloween when the world is this scary lol!”

This joke is wrong on two counts.

The world is beautiful – it just happens to have some scary things in it. That subtle distinction might save your sanity.

And this is the perfect time to explore your fear. There’s research showing that fans of horror movies have handled things better than other people. Why? Because when you practice darkness, you get better at dealing with it. Dark stories allow you to feel fear, horror and shock in a controlled context. That’s why the folk stories from medieval times, when you’d be married and murdered by your 20s, were full of violence, death and unhappy endings.

The Pollyannas who say you should only think bright thoughts cultivate the worst darkness.

If you’re feeling anxious, afraid or that the days disappear too fast with nothing to show for them, then it’s time to face and embrace what’s inside you.

How do you do that?

With the most intensive mind training you can experience from the comfort of your home.

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