The superintelligence who controls your destiny

I think most of you understand your instincts are powerful.

Plenty of businessfolks – for small and large businesses alike – know a bad actor will break a contract and dodge the legal fallout for months. So, sure, sign the contract… but only if you trust them.

Only if your gut says they’re a decent person to work with.

Your instincts go beyond dealing with other people.

If you’re a creator or performer of any kind, you know how amazing your intuition can be. And, hey, we’re all creators and performers. Whether you like to sketch or write, play ball or an instrument, or even just have conversations with folks, you know you can’t logic out every move.

You have to go with the flow.

And sometimes, that flow is sensational.

Think of all the times you’ve amazed yourself – where you’ve said the right thing or created something that was beyond your abilities.

Like someone else took over – someone who really knows their stuff.

And it’s strange. The more you push yourself and live at the edge of your abilities, the more this happens.

But this inner power, wisdom, intuition, or whatever you want to call it, is even more incredible than this.

It doesn’t just show up occasionally to give you an edge in sports.

It controls just about every aspect of your life.

Many practitioners of New Age healing methods – I’m talking about crystal healing and the like – have an idea in common. They say many of your woes, from illness to anxiety to a lack of money, come from problems in your environment. Toxins in the air, propaganda in the news, that sort of stuff. But the ability to heal from these comes from within.

That’s how they distinguish themselves from conventional medicine, where the healing comes from without – medicine, surgery and whatnot.

I don’t put much stock into crystals and this idea is an oversimplification – plus, it’s not fair to all the miracles of modern medicine.

But, from a hypnotist’s perspective, this is not much more than half true.

The ability to bounce make from setbacks, medical or otherwise, lies within you. If it didn’t, the placebo effect wouldn’t exist.

The reverse is also true. People have gotten sick, even died, just from a misdiagnosis. Not because they were suddenly on medication they didn’t need (although, sure, that happens too) but because they thought they were supposed to.

Your unconscious can heal you. We don’t know how exactly, but we know your brain controls your immune system. The entire field of psychoneuroimmunology investigates how your immune system and nervous system influence each other.

Your unconscious can inspire you. When you open up to the right ideas, you can suddenly find more opportunities. Not in a woowoo ‘the Secret’ sort of way. Those opportunities are always there – whether your brain recognises them or filters them out depends on your unconscious.

And your unconscious can show you the right answers – whether you’re cheering up a friend or solving the world’s problems.

In other words, reshaping your unconscious can make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

That makes a session with me an investment, if you’re wise enough to see it that way.

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