Aren’t you sick of surface level nonsense?

Aren’t you sick of surface level nonsense?

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with trivial, petty distractions. If you want to live your potential and have a richer mind, then you have to learn this.

It used to frustrate me so much I could scream. Wake up, eat crap, work and/or study, distraction, sleep. That’s been my life, alright. Some days it still is.

The only measure of a life well lived might be how little your life is like this.

Not everyone agrees. Or maybe they do but have given up trying to change. It’s easy to settle on the surface level nonsense and go no deeper.

You could get into drama caused by pettiness and boredom.

You could lust after an expensive new car that bores you the minute you hold the keys.

Many people do it so you’ll be in good company.

One of my favourite ideas from Buddhism is the world is full of traps. They’re there to seduce, mislead and distract you. Your life’s purpose is to break the cycle, while the world is full of things happy to keep you here.

Buddhism will tell you the answer is to meditate. Do this deeply and well enough, and you’ll shatter the traps.

I won’t disagree – I think it’s great advice.

But what if meditation isn’t for you?

After all, I’ve been to a few meditation classes out there. Some people get so caught up with paying an expensive coach, buying the right cushion and searching for the right discipline that the class itself becomes a distraction.

Meditation groups are just like any other – some are amazing, while some are weirdly cliquey.

Or maybe meditation doesn’t float your boat.

In that case, I’d point you to self-hypnosis.

Using the techniques I can teach you, you can enter a meditative state. The only difference is there’s no wrestling with your attention or tricky mental gymnastics. You can be twitchy from a sugar rush and still enter a deep trance.

Thanks to self-hypnosis, all it takes is a snap of my fingers. You won’t start there, but you can build up to it.

And when you do, you’ll wonder why you put up with the surface level for so long.

Something so much deeper was here the entire time, waiting for you to get your hands on it:

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