How to survive the holidays (and every other time)

How to survive the holidays (and every other time)

It’s funny how stressful holidays can be. Not funny like ha-ha, just funny.

Same with commuting.

And doing all those small jobs, like cooking, cleaning and shopping.

They can have a way of wearing you out – if you normally enjoy this stuff. Some days, it just feels a little too much like work.

If some days you can do anything… while other days, the thought of making a sandwich seems beyond you…

Then you probably need a new way of thinking about things.

Because what stresses you out is deeply relaxing to someone else.

The sort of thing they do to unwind and reset after a long day (or a long week).

And you can learn how to do the same, because often it’s just a subtly different way of looking at things.

This guide has a few practical tips, sure. If you follow the tips and do nothing else, you may have missed the true lesson:

How to think about things in your life more deeply.

It’s a short read and an affordable one, so I’ll say no more…

Except if you want to get your hands on it, here’s the link:

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