The “SWAT Technique” for instant, guaranteed trance

One thing I talk about a lot is why you enter a trance.

It’s not some random thing – it has a purpose.

And that might seem a little strange. What benefit could there be to becoming more suggestible? If being hypnotisable means folks can influence you more, isn’t that a vulnerability in the system?

A weakness evolution would weed out?

Nah – it’s a strength, a feature evolution baked into your mind.

Most of your life is spent in autopilot. You don’t need to think about what you do. Imagine something routine, like buying groceries. It would be exhausting if you had to think about how to drive, where to go, what to bring, how the supermarket works…

Luckily, having done it so many times before, it comes naturally to you. You’re less likely to, say, forget your wallet. Your brain knows the routine, so it goes with it.

Now, you’re not a robot. Let’s say your usual road to the shops had more traffic than usual. You’d match your speed to the conditions and make it there safely.

But what if something really unexpected happened?

What if, outside the supermarket, there was a polar bear calmly tethered to the door?

I assume this would be unusual for you – so unusual, and potentially unsafe, that your autopilot couldn’t handle it. There’s no habit in your mind for bypassing a polar bear.

You would immediately enter a deep hypnotic trance.

It wouldn’t be the sort of trance where you ‘sleep’ with your eyes closed. Your eyes would remain open, unblinking, as you focus on what’s in front of you.

But it would be a trance all the same.

Why would you enter a trance at this time?

Because suggestibility and open-mindedness are one and the same. In that moment, faced with something unexpected, your mind hunts for new ideas.

You could think of it this way: during routine things, your brain does what it knows will work. When something new happens, it’s forced to consider new approaches.

Back to the polar bear example. You’d see it, enter a trance and think in ways that were closed off to you. Your brain won’t be picky, though. Almost any answer it finds, it’ll accept – because the worst thing you could do is hesitate.

If your first instinct is to scream and run, you’ll do it.

If someone says, in a clear and commanding voice, to clap your hands twice, you’ll do it.

Your brain is fast – it won’t take you long to snap out of the surprise and confusion. For something small, you’ll decide on a course of action in a fraction of a second. Before you do, though, you’ll be open and suggestible.

Now, okay, you don’t meet many wild animals while shopping for vegetables.

But it doesn’t take much to break your routine. Someone with a strange accent asking if you have the time will do it. So will seeing a new billboard by the side of the road, an unexpected flash of movement, a loud sound…

And, for a brief moment, you’ll enter a trance before bouncing out of it.

While you’re in that suggestible state, you’re more open to new ideas and commands from other people.

Don’t believe that you’re that suggestible when this happens?

Think about how SWAT teams operate. They kick down the doors at once (creating surprise and confusion, which breaks autopilot and puts the criminals in a suggestable state). Then they scream simple commands at them.

“Get down on the ground! Drop your weapon!”

Most criminals obey. By the time they snap out of their quick trance, they have a boot on their back and cuffs around their wrists.

In that moment, the cops are enemy combatants… and the criminals still obey them.

That’s how powerful this principle is.

Now, you might have a question here:

What good is a trance that only lasts a second? That’s only enough time for one suggestion – and a short one at that.

Well, what do you do when a genie offers you a wish? You wish for a thousand wishes. Likewise, your one command can be for the person to stay in the trance.

If “stay in the trance state” is too wordy for you, there’s convenient shorthand that works just as well:


You don’t need to know any of this to receive hypnosis.

It can be something that makes you curious or you can forget all about it, even as you make the decision to sign up for a session.

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