The sweet ache of outgrowing your personality

The sweet ache of outgrowing your personality

A sign of personal growth is how you react when something knocks you back a rung. Maybe you catch a bug, lose your job or go without sleep for a week. Suddenly, you realise you’re operating at your old level again.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, perhaps your life is never-ending growth (and I’m jealous).

Or maybe this isn’t a universal experience.

But I know I’m not alone in sometimes falling back to an old, inferior level. In fact, someone brought it up earlier today – a couple of days after I wrote the first draft of this.

Reverting like this is not pleasant – like you’re driving around with the handbrake on.

Which is strange, because this is how you used to live your life. This was normal for you – now, it’s almost unbearable.

If you ever experience this, congratulations. It’s a sign your new life is so much better than the old one. And if you raised yourself out of this much once before, you can probably do it again.

And here’s how you can feel great about your quest for personal mastery:

When you realise your ‘old self’ is you from last week, maybe the week before.

When you experience a transformational event, you can outgrow your personality in a day, an hour, maybe even a second. Whole new vistas open up inside your mind, connecting you to dormant mental resources and idle neural networks.

As these new networks switch on, old ones switch off.

Maybe immediately.

Because your mind knows you no longer need them.

They might not go away entirely – hence why you sometimes slip back into old habits – but that’s no longer the place you live your life from.

Your inner mind activates something new.

Something better.

Something which you never knew you wanted, and now realise is the real ‘you’ you’ve suppressed for so long.

How does it feel when you break through your old personality?

Like having more energy, more focus and more choice at every moment.

And you can get there with a dedicated mind training regimen. If you want to crack your own shell, it takes an unusual amount of effort.

You need to practice this every day.

Maybe even several times a day – so long as you’re not wrecking your schedule to make it work.

If you want to switch off bad habits, crippling beliefs and limiting ideas, then you need to get in touch with the part of you that does that. With the right approach, it will activate exactly what you need… and maybe even what you want.

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