Tactical feats and where to find them

I remember the easiest client I ever worked with.

They were young and had a lot going for them. They’d build a successful business for themselves, they’d studied, they’d travelled, they had friends…

What they struggled with?

Approaching folks they found attractive.

It was funny, because they were clearly a catch. They even knew it. Knowing it didn’t stop them feeling nervous or awkward about going up to a cute stranger and starting a conversation though.

We talked for a little while, then I asked the simple question:

“Why don’t you approach romance the way you approach your business?”

Boom, that’s all it took. Just like that, they not only found it easy to ask the hotties out – they found it exciting.

It’s not always this easy. Yet, at the heart of it, this is most of what I do. Someone has a set of tactics that don’t work for them, so I help them change.

This isn’t about giving advice. I’m not qualified to tell you how to live your life. I mean, who is a better expert in you than you?

I help you another way – by working on the level of your tactics.

Advice consists of a series of plans. “You should do more X and less Y.”

Tactics are about what you do in the moment.

You have tactics for getting out of bed, for thinking creatively, for unwinding after a long day, for handling difficult people, for working productively…

This is great news. You might not be able to change who you are, but you can change your tactics. Tactics are just actions, after all, and you can do things differently at any time.

Here’s where the news is not-so-great.

Most of your tactics are automatic to the point of being unconscious. Even if you’re great at introspection, you won’t know how you do most of what you do. Even for the few tactics you understand – even if you understand them accurately – how do you swap them out for ones that are better?

Back to the great news:

That’s where I come in.

When we have a conversation, I can map out and rewire your tactics on the go.

That’s why I sometimes pause and smile while we talk. It’s also why I ask strange questions.

It’s not because it’s weird – that happens to be a bonus.

Talk to successful people and they’ll tell you they’re nothing special. There’s no aura of destiny, genius or magic about them – they’re normal folks with relatable problems. They just happen to think and do things differently.

Think and do things more like them, and you’ll get results more like them.

It’s not about replacing your personality with theirs. That wouldn’t work and I wouldn’t recommend it if it did – that sounds boring. Tactics, though, are the little differences that make the big differences.

Again, talk to successful people and they’ll tell you how vital the little habits and simple perspectives are.

Reading their books and taking their classes might help a bit.

Getting inside their heads and trying out their tactics will transform everything.

With Platinum Coaching, you won’t get context-free and questionable advice – you’ll get new ways to think, perceive and be, over 28 one-on-one sessions, plus other goodies.

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