Take responsibility for your own programming

You might be surprised by how flexible – and programmable – your own preferences are.

You can, for example, learn to love exercise.

Even if you dislike it now.

Even if you hate it.

You can try all sorts of behavioural tricks. Things like rewarding yourself after a workout, doing something to psyche you up or having an accountability buddy.

All those, and more, can be useful.

You know best how you operate. Maybe penalising yourself with a donation to a cause you hate will work for you.

Or maybe it’ll make you dig your heels in.

I leave it to you to figure all that out.

But if that all seems more hassle than it’s worth…

Or too gimmicky to actually work…

And you want to really learn to like it, not keep tricking yourself into doing it…

… that’s where these approaches – the “3 Hypnotic Ways to Learn to Love Exercise” in Motion Mind’s subtitle – come in.

You can rework your own preferences so you don’t need to bribe yourself.

You can do it simply because you want to.

Forget spending money of gym memberships and new workout gear – without enjoying what you do, you know they’ll gather dust in the back of your closet within a season.

So lay the foundations, get this right and make this investment first:


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