Taking fun seriously in 2020

There are two types of New Year’s Resolutions:

The disciplined kind. The ones focusing on doing more of the tough stuff, like eating better, exercising more and working harder.

Important stuff. Folk with those resolutions might already be regretting it.

Then there are the fun ones. Socialise more. Be more outgoing. Chase opportunities.

Also important stuff.

Changing your habits is always challenging.

But it can be less challenging when they’re fun.

It’s easier to stick with something that rewards you immediately. Maybe slogging it out at the gym does that for you, but that’s not the case for most folk. Partying, though? That’s more immediately gratifying.

So, what then? This is a neat thing to think about – how does it help me right now?

Well, I’d say the first thing is to figure out your own style.

Do you need fun resolutions to keep you going?

Do you believe in no pain, no gain?

Either way, there’s going to be something for you here. With 60 habits to choose from, plus a few awkward stories of how I failed with them, you can have fun no matter how seriously you take it.

Here’s the link for fun, serious resolutions that work:


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