Dammit, it turns out I am going to talk about Kavanaugh

Have you ever seen a political argument where both sides were wrong? I sure hope so – if not, think about listening to a broader range of views. Politics is the mind killer, so there’s been a lot of stupidity around for the last… oh, forever.

I’ve avoided the Kavanaugh news as best I could, like how I avoid all news. You have the choice between being well informed and being smart. It should be the easiest choice in the world, but I suppose the media has our respect for some reason.

I mean, I’m not even American. It couldn’t be less relevant to me. “But it’s a sign of the problems with modern Western culture!” Sure, and so are a thousand other things. I’m not going to bark, either in Kavanaugh’s defence or against him, just because the media said so.

Sexual assault is bad and should be punished. Is there anything else I could say that would help? Is there anything I can do that will serve justice?


All right, then, I’ll be over here, trying to build something.

Like I say, I avoid short spins of the news cycle. I spent years building something resembling peace of mind – I’m not about to trade that for some cheap, ad-riddled thrills.

But then…

Well, they had to drag hypnosis into it.

Fine. I’ll wade into this to explain why you’re all wrong.

It’s surfaced that Christine Ford wrote a paper about self-hypnosis once. Or something, I dunno – the few details I caught contradicted each other.

According to people who believe Kavanaugh is innocent – purely because they’re in his tribe – this invalidates her testimony. After all, self-hypnosis can implant false memories, therefore she’s lying.

The side who believe he’s guilty – purely because they’re not in his tribe – say this is stupid. The paper clearly talks about using self-hypnosis for relaxation, or something, so it didn’t create a false memory.


Everyone needs to shut up for a second. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

To the first group: you know what else can create false memories?

Literally everything.

If self-hypnosis at any point in someone’s life invalidates their credibility forever, then there’s no such thing as credibility.

It’s like saying that anyone who has ever dreamt – even once – could have false memories. If you ever overheard someone say “close your eyes and relax,” then the contents of your mind are 100% dubious.

And you know what? You’d be right. There’s a reason why eyewitness testimony doesn’t hold the weight it used to. The human mind is nothing but a bucket of fantasy, illusion and lies.

But to single out hypnosis as a special case is absurd.

To the second group: “the paper said nothing about false memories so it’s fine” is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Seriously, pull your heads out. Hypnosis has accidentally created false memories before. In careless hands, it has sent innocent people to gaol and torn communities apart.

Hypnotists learned that lesson the hard way. We will never forget it. But apparently you can’t be bothered to learn it.

Does Ford have false memories? I don’t know, and you don’t either. The self-hypnosis experience is either irrelevant or decisive, and you can’t spot the difference. There have been way too many people saying, “it’s definitely an invalid memory” and “it’s definitely fine”, as if they had any way of knowing what happens in another person’s unconscious.

Listen up:

I hope justice is served, one way or the other. And you can have your petty political power struggles til the end of time. All I ask is that you stay the hell away from hypnosis unless, you know, you understand it. My RSS feed blew up with this and I didn’t see a single well informed headline.

And while I’m spewing unwanted advice, stay away from the media, too. What are you hoping to achieve by reading that garbage? You think an angry share on Facebook is gonna change anything? All your political “enemies” unfriended you in 2016.

Besides, billionaires own the companies that write those articles. You think they’re on your political team?

All you’ve done was make yourself less informed about hypnosis. You had to come to me to set you straight.

Pay attention to what your favourite news sites tell you. I challenge you to find a single story that enriches your life. Most journalism makes you dumber, angrier or both, so delete your bookmarks, take a breath and start over.

And if you keep checking the news… well, that’s a bad habit like any other.

It’s not something you have to live with. You can endure a toxic political landscape with a smile. It’s easy once you transcend the petty tribalism.

Once you connect with something deeper. I won’t call it universal love for all humanity. Some people do and I respect that, because respect is what it’s all about. In a world where everyone is truly fulfilled and respected, we wouldn’t even need politics. (And the news would be worth reading.)

And unlike with politics, you can make this change. It starts with you. Maybe you’ll inspire others, maybe not – either way, you can fight the good fight while staying calm and balanced.

The world’s a nicer place when you embrace that here:


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