How social media creates that awful ‘stuck’ feeling

Many folks have felt stuck over the years.

Stuck in bad relationships, stuck in dead-end jobs, stuck with debt, stuck with responsibilities…

Then 2020 came along and people have been stuck in their homes, on and off, ever since.

There’s another way many of you feel stuck:

Social media.

You know Twitter is infested with nothing but the most pathetic, deluded and politically extreme basement-dwellers and shallow D-listers.

You know Facebook is corrosive to relationships, productivity, privacy and democracy.

As for Instagram, no wonder the influencers get paid so much, given how much they have to erode their own mental and physical health. If there were any justice, though, the non-influencers on there would get compensation for the same reason too.

If there were a pill or burger that was an bad for you as social media, they would have banned it years ago.

So why don’t you quit off it?

Because… well, you’re stuck.

Unless all your friends, photos and groups migrate off it, what can you do? These platforms are only technically optional. Sure, it’s possible to go without them, but they’ve become so tightly integrated with our social, business, educational and private lives that it’s hard to shake them.

And if you’re a business relying on these platforms, then you’re doubly stuck. You don’t own that virtual space – you’re renting it from a psychotic, untrustworthy monster who has two fingers ever-poised over the BAN button.

The only way to get unstuck is to delete your accounts and never venture back onto these platforms.

If that works for you, great.

If that’s not so practical though…?

The next best thing is to untangle some of the knots they’ve woven in your mind.

It won’t fix things – again, only deleting your accounts can do that – but it can stop those times where you scroll your feed out of fatigue or boredom.

It’ll take the addictive sting out of it, unravelling the habit where you fire up social media in your downtime.

Oh, and the little buzz you get from a new message or notification? It’ll lessen that, redirecting it towards something actually useful.

Here’s how you learn all this, and more:

  • Sign up to
  • Send me a message on there or to hello at

I’ll add you to my lair, which is where I’ll share how to do this.

Oh, and speaking of Social Lair…

If you want all the benefits of Facebook groups but with more control, the ability to export your data, freedom from arbitrary deplatforming and a GD nice interface, then you should sign up for Social Lair anyway.

Double-oh – the first 15 folks to do so can get Monster Mind Edukaré, which will teach you how to deprogram yourself, at no cost.

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